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Michael H.


Medulla Oblongata

What I like about Sups is that he chooses to not become malevolent. I think he strives all the time to be well-adjusted. He could be the most vile, self aggrandizing force on the planet--yet he masquerades as a nerdy reporter, a working-class guy. And presumably works well enough to continually hold this day job down. He uses his early education to fit in--he's not a heavy or a thug or a god, he's a writer!

I think what people often dislike is what I do: he's an optimist, a boyscout, a do-gooder. And he's all this in spite of the fact that his origin race is extinct, that there aren't really 'equals' for him to commiserate with, that in many ways he has to be his own moral barometer.

Yet in spite of any number of things that could lead to darker paths, Sups actually chooses to ally himself with the common man, embrace his 'humanity' and experience normal life when cleverly disguised with glasses.

I think he's always looking for simple connection as a man, and to be an example as a superman. I really admire that. I do wish he wouldn't wear his panties on the outside, though.

Michael H.

What a beautiful, concise little love letter to Kal-El. I, too, love me some Superman, but I've always had a major hang-up regarding his do-gooder, boyscout attitude. I prefer my heroes to have at least a *smidge* of darkness in their personalities. But your words above have me re-thinking my aversion to Clark. He truly is the "best" of the heroes in many ways. Thanks for sharing your superhero love!

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