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I follow your site. I found this site during the hiatus while going through major crimes withdrawal. I like the fact that you identify the props used on set. It's interesting and fun. Keep up the good work.


Hey there! :)
I found this blog not too long ago and have been adamently following since. (Mostly so I can weep over being poor and wanting to have Raydor's entire condo like the conpletely not-obsessed fan that I am) I think I also found you on tumblr through the Mary tag, and appreciated every bit of fangirl you posted.
To hear that you've been bullied off tumblr by hateful, hurtful 'fellow fans'- and I use that term losely- saddens me greatly. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we're not all like that, we don't all rage and fight and throw mud with an anon grey face. Not long ago I had minor disagreement with anons, so I know it can be a slap in the face to suddenly get this hate in your inbox. I just wanted to extend hugs to you, and reach out a hand, and let you know that if you want to use tumblr again, you have supporters.
If not, well I will coninue to avidly peruse this site for all of the goodies I want and can't have :)

Much love and support to you,

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