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Robert Patel

Wow, that's one of the most unusual items I've seen.

Dylan Jones

where do you get one?

Medulla Oblongata

Hey DJ,
I got mine as part of a promotion: buy a box of Foundry cigars, get a free humidor. I have only once seen *just* the humidor for sale in a brick & mortar store, 03/2014. Don't know if the cigar shop also took advantage of a similar promo deal? Either way, haven't seen these in the wild except that one time. Hard to find. I'd check cigar boards and ebay too--I'm sure they'll show up since they're really small & seem like more of a novelty item. Works for me, but if you need lots of space or smoke big/long stogies--you've seen the pics, it'll be a tight squeeze. Good luck! MO

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